Extracting the benefits of remote mounting

The SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact 2700 is designed to measure oxygen and combustibles in the most demanding combustion environments, including process boilers, thermal crackers, incinerators and furnaces.

Sensor head mounting is a critical design consideration on any process, with implications for long-term measurement performance and maintenance requirements. Direct mounting – with the sensor head mounted on the measurement point and secured to a process flange – is seen as the standard approach.

However, remote mounting offers many benefits, particularly in situations where the flange mount is too hot for equipment, or the location is difficult to access or dangerous for personnel.

In remote mounting, the sensor head is situated on a panel or cabinet away from the process, and is connected to the sample point via an insulated sample line.

The sample-in and exhaust lines are heated to minimize the risk of sample gas condensation. This makes maintenance much easier, with no need for a technician to climb high up a furnace to carry out repairs or basic troubleshooting checks.

The ease of access saves on downtime and overheads. Technicians do not have to worry about heat fatigue or the unit being in a hazardous area, since everything is at ground level in an area with reduced health and safety risks.


  • Easy access to the probe connections without the need to remove the sensor head
  • Accessible sensor head for maintenance away from hot surfaces and high-risk working areas
  • Possible to remove the sensor head from a zoned hazardous area to a safe area
  • Flexible measurement point location
  • Multi-point sampling possible with a single analyzer
  • Common panel designs aid technicians and reduce training requirements
SERVOTOUGH hazardous area

The FluegasExact 2700 delivers effective combustion analysis

The innovative extractive sampling design of the FluegasExact 2700 makes it ideal for remote mounting, delivering a continuous measurement
while providing a safer working environment for plant operators.

Matt Halsey
Applications Manager IP&E-Combustion

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