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Servomex aim to be the employer of choice in all of the markets in which it works and operates.  We seek to create an environment where our people can realize their full potential and in so doing help the Company to deliver continued outstanding business performance.  We believe that our success is achieved through the commitment, flexibility and performance of our outstanding and dedicated employees.

Servomex spans the globe with major operations in Europe, Asia Pacific and USA which makes us the leading global provider of gas analysis.  

Make the right decision today and join a united global team driving innovation around the world.  You’ll be joining an outstanding working environment, with a great culture and a team committed to values and ethics.  You’ll be working with a diverse range of professional, supportive, committed and dedicated employees.

Servomex understands that some of the best ideas come from its employees and we actively encourage our employees to be involved in company decisions, organisational changes and innovation through a global company improvement programme (SBS).   Every employee’s views and ideas are important to us.

We also take pride in the role we play in the local communities in each and every country that we operate in.

Training and Development 

From the moment you start employment with us you will start your Servomex learning and development journey with mandatory training for all employees and more job-related training specifically tailored to your needs through our comprehensive onboarding programme.

Our commitment to the on-going training and development of our staff comes from our belief that the best business performance comes through motivation and development of individuals.  Skills and competency are developed not just to do the job more effectively but also to plan for the future, including promotional opportunities, secondments and opportunities for international assignments.  

Servomex are committed to the management and development of talent and strive to offer lifelong careers to committed and dedicated employees by providing the knowledge, experience and expertise to create the next generation of experts, managers and leaders.

Regardless of position or grade within the business, everyone has the right to realise their potential.  Our performance review programme ensures a consistent approach to managing employee’s performance, development and career goals on a continual basis.


We recognize that as well as preparing our people to reach their full potential we also need to recognize and reward them when they get there. We offer competitive rewards commensurate with ability, drive, commitment and experience.

Servomex has a set of comprehensive policies and a global HR statement.  Click here to view our global HR statement.