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Team Leader

Name: Gillian 

Job Title: Team Leader

Why did you choose Servomex?

My son joined Servomex in August 2014 and each evening he would come home very enthusiastic about his new job, what he was making and what Servomex had achieved. I decided to apply for a job position for myself as I was looking for a career change. After being offered an interview which went very well, I too could see why my son felt this way and was so pleased to be offered the position of Team Member in the Transducer Department.    

What I like about Servomex.

Everyone in the company is very supportive and friendly, from team members to managers and HR.

But the products we produce are so varied, from industrial to healthcare making each day interesting, and knowing you are part of manufacturing lifesaving equipment is very rewarding.

How has your career developed at Servomex?

I had been with the company for one year when an opportunity to apply for a Team Leader role within Transducers became available. After successfully being chosen for this role, I now have a team to support and help achieve daily targets. The team are very supportive of my new role and help me every step of the way along with my manager. I am very much enjoying the opportunity that came my way and looking forward to continuing to learn new skills.