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Payroll Officer

Name: Angela

Job title: Payroll Officer

Location: UK Technical Centre Crowborough

Why did you choose Servomex?  

To be honest this was because Servomex is a local to me. They are one, if not, the largest employer in Crowborough. 

What is your biggest achievement in your career at Servomex? 

As I have only been with Servomex for a relatively short period of time and with a new role of as Payroll Officer, I would say my biggest achievement is in sharing the knowledge. Whether it be ‘How to be Tax efficient by claiming the Marriage Allowance’ or giving advice as to what to do when you receive a letter from HMRC. My aim is to ensure that all employees feel they have someone to ask should they have a Payroll related query.

How has your career developed at Servomex? 

I was fortunate to start at Servomex a couple of months before the Payroll Officer retired. In this short space of time it was recognised that I had an enthusiasm for progression and a skill set to offer the company. When I was offered the chance to become the new Payroll Officer for Servomex, I took the opportunity and currently enjoy the challenges this brings.