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Graduate Engineer-Electronics

Name: Abi

Job Title: Graduate Engineer - Electronics

What attracted you to Servomex? 

When I was researching the company before applying I was particularly attracted to the products and industries Servomex operates in. The values the company promotes such as staff empowerment and operating with honesty and integrity were key to me applying for the job. At the interview, I could see that the employees would be willing to help me develop the skills that I value and, I was impressed with how visible and approachable the management team were.

What is your favourite thing about your role?

I like the training opportunities available to me to help improve my work and make a better-rounded engineer such as basic level project management, Lean Green Belt drop-in sessions etc. Technical training is mainly on the job and I like the freedom of being given full ownership of problems or new designs to complete.

The teams around me are very willing to explain and teach me which is great as I’ve always felt comfortable in asking questions relating to current work or about a separate process. The learning I have achieved within a short period is my highlight.

What is a typical day for you?

Most days are pretty different. Initially when I first joined Servomex I was given tasks that allowed me to learn the process and ways we operate. Some days I get assigned tasks such as component obsolescence and finding replacement parts for our design. Some days I work to resolve issues on lines that have just occurred. Other days I work on compiling a set of checklists to improve standard work and process knowledge capture for the team.

On top of those I have also worked on new designs which took a few months using CadStar design software and verifying that the design will work on our products.