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Regional Sales Leader-ASPAC

Name: Chee Wee

Job title: Regional Sales Leader-ASPAC

Location: Singapore

Why did you choose Servomex?

I had been working in the same business for a major multinational company before Servomex. In many business occasions, I lost my business to Servomex despite of the established products and sizable business set up of my previous company. I was keen to learn why. One lucky day, I was given the chance to join Servomex and I decided to join in the hope to seek the answers. To put this simply, I chose Servomex out of curiosity and now my curiosity is well rewarded with great satisfaction from the company success, attributed by the superior technologies, the nimble operations, the strong teamwork and the core traditional values. 

What is a typical day for you?

I enjoy working in the office every day; the chemistry and the ownership of the team I am working with, are very strong. I have committed colleagues who enable me to overcome any obstacles and this makes me look forward to finding new values and face new challenges in our daily business. 

My typical day allows me to carry out my duties effectively and also allows me to think outside the box to create more values for the business.

How would you describe the culture of Servomex?

The team works tightly together; we work closely with our local and regional peers. There is minimum barrier with our superiors who are always accessible and open to valued opinions.   

The technical support and responses comes promptly. We get quick responses from our Technical Centres and regional Business Centres. We manoeuvre agilely in the market with quick inter and cross regional communication.