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Apprentice-Applications and Support Engineer

Name: Ryan

Job Title: Apprentice-Applications and Support Engineer

Why did you choose Servomex?

Upon my initial interview, Servomex showed a lot of promise and commitment towards their previous apprentices, and so, this really filled me with confidence in knowing I was at the right organisation to push me towards what I wanted to achieve in terms of a career.  

How has your career developed at Servomex?

Since being with Servomex, I feel I have progressed a lot. Servomex are very accommodating for my studies and are often providing opportunities for further development through training and experiences which really help me with my day to day work here at Servomex. 

How would you describe the culture of Servomex?

Everyone is really friendly! I’ve attended a few social events with my department now and I can confidently say I’ve made a few good friends.