Press Releases 2012


Servomex launches innovative new TCD measurements for MultiExact and MonoExact

Crowborough, UK, 30 October 2012 - Following the successful launch of Servomex’s revolutionary TruRef Thermo-Conductivity Detector (TCD) technology, Servomex is extending its TCD sensor range with new measurements for helium (He) and hydrogen (H2) in the SERVOPRO MonoExact analyser and He in the SERVOPRO MultiExact multigas analyser read more...

The world’s first true TCD gas measurement, which for the first time makes a genuinely accurate thermal conductivity measurement of a gas, TruRef technology co-locates the reference and measure elements under isothermal conditions in the sample gas to eliminate the effects of changing sample conditions such as pressure and flow.

Fully enabled by the advanced performance capabilities of the SERVOPRO MonoExact and SERVOPRO MultiExact Servomex, TruRef technology already offers class leading measurements for argon (Ar) and nitrogen (N2) analysis. The new measurements deliver unrivalled TCD performance standards for H2 and He, particularly in terms of measurement accuracy, repeatability and drift - making them ideal for use in product purity and process control applications.

Measurements for He in N2 and He in O2 are available in measurement ranges from 0-2% to 0-100%, delivering a comprehensive analyser solution for He production processes and gas blending.  A measurement for 0-20% H2 in Ar enables a new level of performance for hydro-argon applications in ASU production, where monitoring the H2 excess determines the conversion efficiency in removing O2 from Argon product after the air separation process. 

Finally an H2 in N2 measurement will be available in ranges between 0-1% to 0-100%, enabling more efficient and accurate performance for a range of applications including H2 production, monitoring of H2 coolant in turbine generators and in the production of iron and steel. 

“Servomex’s development of TruRef technology has raised the industry standard by improving the accuracy and stability of the gas measurement and reducing ownership costs to the customer,” says Charles Segar, Product Business Manager. “These exciting new TCD measurements further extends Servomex’s leading position in industrial gas analysis by taking the company into new markets and applications.”

The launch of the new TCD measurements makes the SERVOPRO MonoExact and MultiExact even more effective as value-adding gas analysis solutions for a range of industries and applications. In addition to utilising a range of Servomex’s sensing technologies, the MonoExact and MultiExact offer advanced features and options that include concentration alarms, auto-validation and auto-calibration, digital communications (Profibus, Modbus or Ethernet), integrated valve block, flow alarm and flow-meters.

For more information about the new TCD measurements available for the SERVOPRO MultiExact and and SERVOPRO MonoExact, contact your local Servomex business centre.

Servomex installs innovative TDLS system for Shell Netherlands Chemie B.V.

Crowborough, 18 September 2012 - Servomex, a leading manufacturer of gas analysis solutions, has installed an innovative solution for combustion analysis on ethylene cracker furnaces installed at Shell Netherlands Chemie B.V. read more...

Coinciding with a furnace refurbishment programme, the new flue gas analysis solution enables optimisation of the combustion control process leading to improved fuel efficiency and reduced carbon monoxide (CO).

SERVOTOUGH LaserSP 2900 cross-stack analysers were installed across the 13-meter radiant sections of the ethylene cracker furnace to monitor both Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) within the flue gas. The LaserSP employs the Tuneable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS) technique to make a path averaged measurement of the process gas concentrations close to the burners, enabling rapid process optimisation.

To protect the analyser optics it is common practise to flow purge gas over the windows of TDLS in-situ analysers, which are exposed to the hot process gas stream.  In flue gas measurements, it has been necessary to employ dry N2 as the window purge gas, as opposed to instrument air, because ambient O2 is sufficiently high to interfere with the O2 process measurement. However, in partnership with Shell Moerdijk, the infra-red scan range of the LaserSP was extended to include additional absorption lines which only appear at elevated temperatures, greater than 600°C.  By using one of these “hot lines” to monitor the process O2, it is possible to use instrument air as the window purge gas, as the O2 in the instrument air, being colder than the 600°C, is no longer “seen” at the process monitoring “hot” wavelength. The standard “cold” O2 absorption line was also monitored and this signal is utilised for the purposes of checking the LaserSP’s response to a test gas, and to provide an alarm in the event of an interruption of the flow of window purge gas.

Over a long process path measurement (in this case 13 meters), thermally induced flexing of the furnace walls to which the analyser is mounted can result in the laser “spot” at the receiver end of the analyser to move. With the usual parallel laser beam this would have led to a measurement failure when the laser spot moved out of the field of view of the receiver unit. This was overcome by adjusting the laser transmitter optics to diverge the beam such that the laser “spot” diameter was three times the diameter of the optical receiver lens. In this way the transmission of the laser beam to the receiver remains unaffected by thermal movements of the process.  This “receiver overfilling” technique is only made possible as a result of the LaserSP’s second harmonic (2f) wavelength modulated signal (WMS) processing, which operates at a 200kHz carrier signal frequency, almost eliminating signal noise.
With two LaserSP analysers installed in-situ on each ethylene furnace for the measurement of 0-10% O2 and 0-1000ppm CO respectively, the combined solution is helping Shell Netherlands Chemie B.V. optimise process efficiency by reducing fuel consumption and process emissions, as well as reducing installation and operational costs.

To find out more about Servomex TDLS technology or Servomex combustion gas analysis solutions, email or contact Servomex’s Regional Business Centres in North America (+1 281 295 5800), Latin America (+55 115 188 8166), Europe/Africa (+31(0)79 330 1580) Middle East/India (+91(0)226 710 0360) and Asia Pacific (+86(0)216 489 7570).

Servomex opens new European Business Centre

Crowborough, UK, August 2012 - Servomex has upgraded the company’s European Business Centre to new state-of-the-art premises based in Zoetermeer, Holland read more...

Customers, channel partners and Servomex staff celebrated the opening of the new building at an official ceremony attended by Chris Cottrell, Managing Director, Servomex, and Stephen Blair, Business Group Director of parent company Spectris plc.

The new EBC is designed to centralise sales and service functions, expanding Servomex’s sales presence and customer support within Europe: delivering customers the very highest quality support for their business.

The new EBC offers extensive workshop and service areas, enabling all repairs for the Europe and Africa region to be consolidated into one location. Equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair tools, the new workshop facility expands Servomex’s capabilities in servicing and repairs, including Chroma and Delta F product ranges, greatly enhancing turnaround times. Superior engineering resources also enable Servomex to engineer and assemble small gas analysis sampling systems in-house.

An expert service team offers technical support for Servomex’s extensive analyser range, including support for SERVOPRO GC and FID products and the Delta F range of oxygen and moisture analysers. Spares for all Servomex analysers are also available for quick delivery. The multi-lingual service team can be contacted directly by customers at

A dedicated customer service team delivers the expert technical sales and support required to support their operations. The improved office facilities enables a highly-skilled multi-lingual team to give Servomex customers genuine local-for-local support, ensuring quick response to any requirement.

The opening of the new EBC coincides with the reorganisation of Servomex’s sales region, with Luca Marinelli appointed head of sales for a new EMEA region.

“The opening of the new European Business Centre is another step forward in how Servomex conducts business in Europe and Africa” said Jan Hogeveen, Manager, Servomex European Business Centre.

“Our new facilities deliver immediate improvements to all aspects of customer service in the region, ensuring we deliver world-class support that is expert, responsive and reliable.”

For further enquires about the new European Business Centre contact the Servomex sales team via email at or direct call +31 (0) 79 330 1581 / 00800 737866390 (toll free in France, Holland, Germany, Belgium and the UK).

CSA approval expands applications range for Delta F DF-340E oxygen analyser

Crowborough, UK, 10 August 2012 - The Delta F DF-340E oxygen analyser from Servomex has been approved for CSA Class I Div II use. read more...

CSA certification means the DF-340E is suitable for use where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapours, or liquids are present within the atmosphere under abnormal operating conditions.

Using Servomex’s unique, non-depleting coulometric E-sensor technology, the DF-340E enables O2 measurements at percent, trace and ultra-trace levels, delivering highly accurate results with no sensor drifting, false low readings or frequent calibration requirements. Optimised for reliable oxygen analysis in harsh environments, the DF-340E is protected within a dustproof, waterproof, explosion proof enclosure, while the sensor and flowmeter can be mounted in the analyser enclosure or remote installed in a NEMA 4 enclosure.

By delivering flexible range control, fast response time and a quick recovery from upset conditions, extensive background gas compatibility and flexible configuration options ensure the DF-340E is suitable for a wide range of applications. CSA Class I Div II approval not only validates the robust quality of the DF-340E design, but expands its use for range of applications that require safety certification: potential applications include use in pressure swing absorber nitrogen skids, HYCO plants, olefins purity, reactor process control, oil refining and numerous petrochemical applications.

With minimum maintenance requirements and a five year sensor guarantee, the DF-340E ensures high performance oxygen analysis and a low cost-of-ownership achieved through a long operational life and minimal downtime.

For more information about the Delta F DF-340E, contact Servomex’s Regional Business Centres in North America (+1 281 295 5800), Latin America (+55 115 188 8166), Europe/Africa (+31(0)79 330 1580) Middle East/India (+91(0)226 710 0360) and Asia Pacific (+86(0)216 489 7570).

Servomex announces major gas analyser order from Reliance Industries Limited

Crowborough, UK, 7 June 2012 - Servomex has announced a major agreement with Reliance Industries Limited to supply complete gas analysis systems to Reliance’s Pure Terephthalic Acid (PTA) manufacturing operations in India. read more...

The established world leader in PTA gas analysis, Servomex will supply both analysers and sampling systems to two brand new Reliance PTA plants being built at Dahej, Gujarat, as well replacement analysers for existing PTA operations located in Patalganga, Mumbai.

One of the world’s top petrochemical product manufacturers and the leading manufacture of polyester yarn and fibre, Reliance required a leading edge solution to ensure the highest product quality while maintaining process safety.  Accordingly, Servomex will supply SERVOTOUGH OxyExact (2200) and SERVOTOUGH SpectraExact (2500) process analysers to Reliance’s operations at Patalganga and Dahej.

The OxyExact utilises Servomex’s high specification paramagnetic oxygen transducer for optimum process and safety control in general and high temperature applications, while the SpectraExact photometric process analyser offers single or dual component gas analysis designed to measure corrosive, toxic and flammable sample streams. Both analysers are packaged in a rugged, durable construction that makes them ideal for use in the volatile environments of PTA production.

Used in combination, the SpectraExact and OxyExact will provide an unsurpassed measurement solution for the monitoring of PTA processes at the Reliance manufacturing sites.

“Our new partnership with Reliance is an exceptional achievement, illustrating our ever-expanding capabilities in meeting the requirements of the world’s leading industrial producers,” says Chris Cottrell, Managing Director, Servomex.
“Our India team based in Navi Mumbai, supported by our global operations, will deliver Reliance the very finest systems and support to ensure they maintain their leading edge in PTA production.”

For more information about Servomex PTA analyser solutions, contact Servomex’s Regional Business Centres based in North America (+1 281 295 5800), Latin America (+55 115 188 8166), Europe (+31(0)79 330 1580), India (+91(0)226 710 0360) and Asia Pacific (+86(0)216 489 7570).

SERVOPRO FID now controls trace hydrocarbons in carbon dioxide

Crowborough, UK, May 17 - Now optimised to control the level of trace hydrocarbons in carbon dioxide (CO2), the Servomex SERVOPRO FID maximises the operation efficiency of hydrocarbons removal systems used in CO2 recovery and enables continuous on-line quality control of CO2. read more...

With growing demand for CO2 in a range of applications, a variety of industrial producers - including industrial gas manufacturers, methanol factories, breweries and ethylene oxide plants - are able to recover the CO2 by-product from their processes. The complexity of the CO2 purification process depends on the type of contaminant removal systems used at the raw gas source, this means the quality control system for production output can be highly demanding, while on-line quantification of the trace hydrocarbon level on the final product is essential.

Offering superb sensing capability and comprehensive remote connectivity, the Servomex SERVOPRO FID is the ideal analyser for CO2 recovery operators who need accurate trace hydrocarbon measurement from a single versatile, easy-to-operate unit. Utilising high-performance, low-noise Flame Ionization Detector technology, the SERVOPRO FID offers accurate CO2 measurement and clean operation with a guaranteed 100ppb resolution.

The FID offers full ethernet and internet connectivity that greatly increases remote communication options via a network or an internet browser, as well as monitoring options via a standard 4-20 mA output. With all flow electronically regulated and temperature regulated, the system offers a “Lock Range” facility to allow the operator to fix the unit within a desired range, as well as an automatic ranging feature that changes the measurement parameters according to the impurities it detects. Ease of use is facilitated by a simple and intuitive user interface, enabling users to view values including real time measurements and system status.

With the accuracy, stability and reliability of the FID measurement optimised by a wide dynamic range, fast response time and flexibility of operation, the SERVOPRO FID is the ideal solution for a trace measurement of CO2 on storage tanks, pipelines or individual cylinders.

For further enquires about the SERVOPRO FID contact the Servomex sales team at the European Business Centre (+31 (0) 79 330 1581 / 00800 737866390) Toll free in France, Holland, Germany, Belgium and the UK) Americas Business Center (+1 281 295 5800) or Asia Pacific Business Centre (+86 (0)21 6489 7570). For more information visit

Linde Brazil selects Servomex to supply complete analysis solution for medical gas transportation

Crowborough, UK, 2 May 2012 - Servomex, the world leader in gas analysis, has been selected by Linde Gases Ltd to design and supply gas analysis systems that will maintain quality and purity for medical gases distributed across Brazil. read more...

Installed in a network of stations responsible for filling Linde’s medical gas cylinders, Servomex’s expertise in systems engineering ensures the continuous traceability and reliability for all required gas measurements.

Designed to meet the highest Pharmacopeia standards, a Servomex-designed sample system integrates Servomex’s advanced gas sensing technologies with third-party measurements for humidity, nitric oxide and nitric dioxide. Utilising the SERVOPRO 4100 multigas analyser, designed for the process control and product qualification requirements of industrial gas production, exceptional gas purity is maintained using Servomex’s advanced paramagnetic technology to measure oxygen and GFX infrared technologies to measure trace carbon monoxide and trace carbon dioxide.

In addition to the ability to deliver a world-class gas analysis solution, Linde selected Servomex on the quality of support offered by Servomex’s South Americas business centre. Offering expert sales, technical and engineering assistance and fast, local response from operations based in São Paulo, Servomex were able to visibly demonstrate complete commitment to meeting Linde’s operational requirements.

The result is a high-quality customised solution for the transportation of Linde medical gases in Brazil, ensuring high gas quality is consistently maintained throughout the supply chain while ensuring a low cost of ownership.

“Many of Linde’s medical gas applications have complex analytical needs, so they needed a gas analysis partner that could support them with the very best technological and engineering skills,” said Anderson Rovadoschi, Brazilian Regional Sales Manager, Servomex.

“With Servomex, Linde Brazil is able to work directly with a proven gas analysis manufacturer, capable of delivering a fully integrated business solution and backed by a responsive engineering and service capability.”

New SERVOTOUGH LaserExact delivers TDL measurements in compact extractive design

Crowborough, 27 April 2012 - Specifically designed for extractive trace analysis applications, the new SERVOTOUGH LaserExact gas analyser from Servomex delivers the exceptional benefits of Tuneable Diode Laser (TDL) Technology within a robust and compact analyser design. read more...

Able to detect a wide range of gases including O2, HCl, HF, NH3, CO, CO2, H2O, H2S, HCN, NO, N2O, CH4 and other hydrocarbons, the LaserExact combines an advanced multipass long path length cell with Servomex’s superior High Frequency (HF), Frequency Modulated (FM) signal processing. The result is unsurpassed low ppb detection limits for most gases, making the LaserExact ideal for the measurement of trace gases offline.

The LaserExact’s advanced TDL technology delivers a fast response time, highly stable performance and minimal interference from background gases.  With no moving parts or consumables, the LaserExact minimises operating costs, while the stable, drift-free performance reduces the downtime incurred by the calibration requirements of other analyser technologies.

The LaserExact utilises advanced  peak-locking  technology, which eliminates drift over extended operational periods by automatically tracking on the measured gas absorption line or - in applications where the measured gas is not normally present - tracking the absorption line of another gas present in the stream. This robust tracking mechanism ensures a highly accurate operation by the LaserExact over long periods, with calibration frequencies extended beyond twelve months for many applications.
Designed for easy installation and integration, the LaserExact is immediately ready for operation following the connection of power, sample gas and optional purge gas. With gas concentrations provided as 4-20mA outputs with the option of Ethernet communication, the LaserExact delivers immediate class-leading performance that meets ATEX and Class1 Div2 CSA approvals.

The LaserExact is ideal for a wide range of high purity, process and emissions control requirements. Applications include measurement of H2S and CO2 in natural gas, O2 in flare gas recovery systems, trace O2 in glove box applications, corrosive combustion emission gases, and H2S emissions monitoring for biogas, pulp & paper and industrial gas production.

With the LaserExact complementing the capabilities of the SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact short path and SERVOTOUGH LaserSP cross-stack analysers, Servomex now offers the most comprehensive range of TDL gas analysis technology available to the market.

“The potential of TDL technology as an effective and flexible gas analysis technique has been well understood for some time, but the Servomex Laser range enables users to select a specific TDL analyser type optimised for their application,” says Chris Cottrell, Managing Director, Servomex.
“By specifically addressing extractive trace analysis applications, the LaserExact brings TDL analysis to a new range of customers.”

For more information about the new SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact from Servomex, contact Servomex’s Regional Business Centres based in North America (+1 281 295 5800), Latin America (+55 115 188 8166), Europe/Africa (+31(0)79 330 1580) Middle East/India (+91(0)226 710 0360) and Asia Pacific (+86(0)216 489 7570)

Delta F DF-150E oxygen analyser guarantees quality and safety for heat treatment processes

Crowborough, UK, 5 March 2012 - Offering exceptionally accurate oxygen (O2) analysis through unique coulometric sensor technology, the Delta F DF-150E from Servomex delivers heat treatment processes the measurement stability and reliability that guarantees exceptional batch quality and improves plant safety. read more...

Able to measure O2 in a range of inert and modified atmospheres the DF-150E’s exceptional ability to monitor low levels of oxygen means it can protect against oxidisation in a range of process conditions. This covers atmospheres in a wide range of heat treatment processes including reflow (which uses nitrogen), annealing and sintering (H2), batch annealing (H2 and N2) and brazing (inert gases).

Servomex’s coulometric E-sensor offers a host of advantages over competitor techniques, with the technology’s exceptional stability reducing maintenance costs through lower calibration requirements. The sensitivity of the measurement avoids the schedule disruption, waste and scrappage costs incurred by oxidized product, as well as ensuring plant safety is fully maintained when using H2 as a purge gas in sintering and annealing processes.

The flexibility of the DF-150 enables easy integration into multiple zone sample systems using a manual or automatic sequencing system to assure that a quality product comes out of the furnace.  The DF-150E is therefore ideal for OEM Furnace Manufacturers who supply analysers as an option or as standard for the end-user customer, heat treatment contractors and on-site processes which provide treatment for end products in-house.

The DF-150E offers users a range of configuration options that enables the analyser to be built to their particular measurement requirements. Choices include CE Certification, a choice of Outputs, Flow Alarm, Sample Pump and Remote Sensor options. A unique acid gas sensor option also neutralises trace levels of acid gases in the sample including CO2, H2S, NOX and SOX.

Every analyser is custom configured under ISO-9001 controls, factory calibrated to standards traceable to NIST and tested for several days before shipping to ensure flawless performance.

For more information about the Delta F DF-150E and Servomex’s complete range of oxygen analysers, visit

Servomex launches official YouTube channel

Crowborough, UK, 7 February 2012 - Available to view at, our new video channel brings introductory videos on technology and products together with related videos from our customers. read more...

Videos to view include:

• Introduction to the MultiExact TCD multigas analyser
• Introduction to the SERVOPRO FID analyser
• Combustion Gas Analysis Explained
• TDLS Laser technology explained
• What to look for in a gas analysis company
In addition, Servomex’s recent appearance on Today In America with Terry Bradshaw is now available on the YouTube channel for customers to view globally.
If you are unable to view YouTube within your workplace, videos are available to view in Flash at and